Panel 1: The Killer Apps for Web3: What Will Really Drive Mass Adoption?

Topic: Web3

Organizer: Web3 Stronger Together (W3ST)

The opening Web3ST Virtual MeetUp panel “The Killer Apps for Web3: What Will Really Drive Mass Adoption?” 🤩 See the panelists below👇 📌Laurent Perello - the factotum of Web3StrongerTogether 📌Hamza El Yousfi - City Sight 📌David Morris - the CEO of Raptoreum 📌Phillip Reidy - core team member at Spartan Protocol and at THX.network. 📌Evgeny Gokhberg - managing partner of Re7Capital

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02 Jun 2023 . 11:00 - 55 min


Hear from the following speakers who took part in the event.

Hamza El Yousfi
Project Owner of Cities AI
Hamza is the project owner of City Sight, the first AI-powered Computer Vision solution harnessing the power of the Blockchain. Hamza has an entrepreneurial spirit backed by +8 years in the IT industry and more than 4 years in the blockchain industry. He served as CTO for Ringier China and now is leading a unique project that aim to build a digital twin of the world.
David Owen Morris
CEO at Raptoreum
P2P since the 90s crypto since 2010.
Laurent Perello
Founder of Web3StrongerTogether
Phillip Reidy
Community Lead at THX Network
Phillip Reidy is a blockchain enthusiast and a core team member at Spartan Protocol, and at THX.network. Phillip had started his journey as a crypto investor but became more intrigued by the people in the space and their ability to coordinate as a team with the new technology being created.